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Research on European Practices on Implementation of Policy Documents and Liaison Offices that Support CSO Development

ECNL developed a research paper to provide background information and analysis of examples from countries in Europe concerning the development and implementation of policy documents with a focus on government bodies which are responsible for fostering cooperation and implementation of the policy documents. The research, developed for ICNL’s project in Ukraine funded by PACT to support the implementation of the Ukrainian Government Concept of Executive Authorities Promoting the Development of the Civil Society, is structured in four main chapters, dealing with
(i) policy documents for support of civil society development (theory and examples from countries),
(ii) the implementation issues,
(iii) offices which support cooperation and implementation of policy documents and
(iv) implementation plans as basis for enforcing the commitments in the policy documents and monitoring of the results.

The paper relies on experience of European countries, but provides thorough examples of five in particular – Croatia, England, Estonia, France and Hungary to elaborate the issues in more detail.