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Daniela Vidaicu’s interview, ECNL’s country expert in Moldova

We are delighted to feature the interview by legal expert Daniela Vidaicu, who worked with ECNL on percentage designation initiative in Moldova. Currently Daniela Vidaicu is Chief of Cabinet at the Ministry of Justice in Republic of Moldova.

In Spring 2013 Daniela was supported by ECNL within the framework of the USAID’s Moldova Civil Society Program to carry out research on European practices of implementing percentage designation mechanisms in Europe and to develop the concept of the law on 2% for Moldova. Daniela carried out the full cycle of policy development and prepared the first draft of the law, which is now pending with the Ministry of Finance. Thanks to Daniela’s leadership and initiative the draft legal mechanism has been developed with consideration of European practices through an inclusive process of consultations with all stakeholders (ministries and CSOs) and promoted through innovative channels, e.g. Facebook group, bloggers’ community support.