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ECNL Releases Study Report on Upholding Sustainability of Voices for Human Rights

ECNL releases Study Report on Upholding Sustainability of Voices for Human Rights – A Study on the Sustainability of Human Rights and Accountability Watchdog NGOs in ten new member states of the European Union.

The Study Report was prepared by the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL – Hungary), Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF – Hungary), Center for Philanthropy (CfP – Slovakia) and Political Capital Policy Research & Consulting Institute (PC – Hungary) within the framework of the project “Upholding Sustainability of Voices of Human Rights” supported by the Open Society Institute and Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Study Report starts with an overview of the EU human rights framework, the human rights context and the state and financial sustainability of human rights and accountability watchdog (HRAW) NGOs in the New Member States (NMS), followed by country profiles for each new member state. Further on, the Study Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the EU funding available for HRAW NGOs and its conditions. The Report includes learning points and suggestions for advocacy for better support of HRAW NGOs.

This study aims to (a) present a comprehensive picture of the situation of HRAW NGOs in the 10 new member states including their social, political and funding environment; (b) serve as a tool for advocacy that will be undertaken by the HRAW NGOs and other stakeholders; and (c) inform domestic and EU-level policy makers of the key issues that concern HRAW NGOs at a time when the relevance of their work is increasing within the borders of the European Union.

We welcome your contributions and comments to the Study Report and country profiles. Please feel free to send your feedback to Hanna Asipovich:

  • Annex IV: Poland
  • Annex VI: Potential Advocacy Tools
  • Annex V: Advocacy Paper
  • Annex IV: Slovenia
  • Annex IV: Slovakia
  • Annex IV: Romania
  • Annex IV: Lithuania
  • Annex IV: Latvia
  • Annex IV: Hungary
  • Annex IV: Estonia
  • Annex IV: Czech Republic
  • Annex IV: Bulgaria
  • Annex III: HRAW NGOs Can Make a Difference – Examples from CEE countries
  • Annex II: Examples of xenophobic campaigns
  • Annex I: Key Human Rights Issues in the NMS
  • Study Report on Sustainability of HRAW NGOs