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Fellowship Research on Percentage Designation in Hungary and Possible Application in Moldova

In August 2012 ECNL hosted a fellow from Moldova Andrei Brighidin, Director for Development, Monitoring and Evaluation at East Europe Foundation Moldova, who carried out desk research, interviews with Hungarian stakeholders on percentage designation mechanism in Hungary and summarized issues for consideration for applying such a mechanism in Moldova in a fellowship research paper.

The designation mechanism was pioneered in Hungary in 1997 and since then has been introduced in a number of Central and Eastern Europe countries, e.g. Poland, Slovakia, Romania. Currently in Moldova the National NGO Council and public authorities are involved in discussions on development of a similar mechanism in Moldova. Developing legal framework for implementation of the percentage mechanism is included in the Strategy for Civil Society Development in 2012-2015.

Based on the meetings in Hungary and consultations with ECNL experts, Andrei Brighidin prepared the research report The percentage designation based on the Hungarian Model: can it make a difference in Moldova? The research paper opens with theoretical and legal considerations on percentage designations, it follows with a comprehensive overview of the legal framework and practices in Hungary, including a case study from a Hungarian CSO. Finally, the author assesses implications of the possible implementation of the percentage mechanism in Moldova, reviews risks and opportunities and drafts recommendations to the public authorities and CSOs in their initial considerations on developing the legal framework for percentage designation.

The draft fellowship report was presented and discussed at the joint meeting with participation of the Moldovan CSOs, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Local Authorities in Chisinau in November 2012.

The fellowship was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under the Moldova Civil Society Strengthening Program (MCSSP), implemented by FHI 360.

  • Fellowship research on percentage designation (Romanian)
  • Fellowship research on percentage designation (Eng)