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Just launched:

We are incredibly excited to announce that the new website assessing civil society environment in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries is now live. It is available here:

Based on a unique methodology, the CSO Meter has been designed to support regular and consistent monitoring of civil society environment in the EaP countries. The CSO Meter evaluates CSOs’ legal framework as well as the situation in practice in 10 areas, such as freedom of association, assembly and expression, access to funding or the right to participation. Country reports include recommendations for each of the areas: these will serve as a basis for future reforms to improve the environment for civil society locally.

The CSO Meter is now being piloted in all six EaP countries.  The first country report from Moldova is now online, with reports from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine to follow in the coming weeks.

ECNL led the development of CSO Meter with a core group of local experts from: Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center (Armenia)   |   MG Consulting LLC      (Azerbaijan)   |   Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs in collaboration with Legal  Transformation Center (Belarus)   |   Civil Society Institute (Georgia)   |   Promo-Lex Association (Moldova)    |   Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (Ukraine)