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London Workshop to Enhance Effective Implementation of FATF Standards on Nonprofits

After the major success of our coalition to revise the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Recommendation 8 and Interpretative Note on CSOs, ECNL and our partners turned the focus on implementation. Specifically, we are currently engaged with local partners to help understand what the recently revised documents mean for civil society. Also, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of proper CSO engagement in the evaluations and work with partners in countries upcoming for evaluations to help them prepare for and demand CSO participation.

In line with this and to help bring national experiences from the mutual evaluations to the FATF attention, on September 21, ECNL co-organized a workshop with 50 participants from the FATF, government delegations, the UN, OSCE, CSOs and academics in London. The workshop successfully resulted in recommendations and many ideas for improving the evaluation process and enhancing civil society engagement.

Update: meeting outcomes and recommendations are now available and summarized in this paper.