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Social contracting: a tool for achieving better outcomes

The project aims to assess current social contracting practices in Bulgaria and seeks to find ways how to introduce social contracting models in new fields, such as health care and education. It will also explore how legislation can be amended in order to achieve this result. Finally, the project aims to create an online platform for exchange of experiences of Bulgarian stakeholders.

ECNL carries out an analysis of the European experience in the provision of social services by external suppliers. The research will explore the following:
• social contracting forms and models in the selected countries;
• rules, principles and procedures that they are based on;
• how the role of the state is balanced in the contracting process and/or in establishing other forms of partnerships;
• what the different stages of the contracting process are;
• what the existing mechanisms for quality control of the delegated services are;
• good practices of interaction between the state, municipalities and service providers.

The project is financed through the Bulgarian Human Resources Development Operational Programme, our project partner is the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.