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Enabling the Flow of Donations

Since 2013, over 18 countries have proposed or passed laws or policies that restrict the access of civil society organisations (CSOs) to funding from other states, private donors, individuals or international organizations.

ECNL has analyzed over 36 relevant laws, by-laws, and practices from 26 countries globally to understand the scope of restrictions and provide legal arguments based on international and regional standards to counter them.

The paper aims to empower CSOs, activists, donors, researchers and others to counter restrictions to international funding and advocate for a more enabling environment for CSOs’ activities and impact.


Look at our briefer for more details on the problem, the impact of these restrictions and key findings of the analysis (download the briefer in pdf).

For the full research “Enabling the Flow of Donations – International Standards that Safeguard Cross-border Giving to CSOs”, click here (download the paper in pdf).

Read this thread on Twitter where we explain the main points in simple terms.


Enabling the flow of donations briefer



Enabling the flow of donations