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EU Accountability and Transparency Study

ECNL produced a research study on the “Recent Public and Self-Regulatory Initiatives Improving Transparency and Accountability of Non-Profit Organisations in the European Union” under a service contract by the European Commission Directorate-General of Justice, Freedom and Security.

The report built on existing research and analyses that have been conducted on NPO regulatory issues, identifies ongoing initiatives and the most recent common trends and provides recommendations relating to potential EU- level counter-terrorism actions. It also provides an overall assessment of the extent to which NPO-related recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and EU are reflected in initiatives.

The goal of the research study was to identify and explore the volume and depth of existing government and NPO initiatives aiming to improve NPO accountability and transparency, in the 27 EU Member States and on the EU level, in order to assess the level of concern, perceived need for action and potential for success by the national governments and NPOs, as well as the EU relating to these issues.