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Study visit in ECNL office

Last week ECNL hosted two lawyers from Legal Resources Center from Moldova for a study visit. During their stay the guests met with leading Hungarian CSOs, public officials and were provided with workshops by ECNL experts as well. The program gave an opportunity for the fellows to examine the legal framework of the Hungarian nonprofit sector with an outlook to the European practices.

IMG_0924During their stay Sorina Macrinici and Ilie Chirtoaca met with ECNL experts, leading Hungarian CSOs and Hungarian public officials. They were provided with an overview on the Hungarian CSOs sector and shared good practices regarding coalition‐building and advocacy for civil society law reform, based on examples from Hungary and other European countries.

Here are some thoughts they wanted to share at the end of their study visit:

Sorina Macrinici: With the support of ENCL, we managed to learn about the CSOs legal environment in Hungary, to have an interactive dialogue with their leading actors, to get to know their tools and their approach in developing and conducting advocacy campaigns for creating a sustainable civil society. The gained information and local expert’s insights will serve as a powerful tool in order to engage in further discussions with leading CSOs actors in Moldova for building strong coalitions and undertaking advocacy measures for civil society law reform. At the same time, I would like to thank the Hungarian authorities for their openness to meet and discuss the issues related to the designation mechanism. It’s important to have the „big picture” of all the actors’ engaged in the process of creation and maintenance of a system aimed to build the financial sustainability of the CSOs.

Ilie Chirtoaca: I was delighted to learn about the Hungarian legal framework for CSOs and in particular, about the designation mechanism and its application in Hungary from the first source. The weight of the Hungarian 3rd sector relating to income generation by outreach to the public and 1% mechanism as well as the work of the Human rights and watchdog organizations in Hungary provided by the Hungarian experts and authorities will help the LRCM project team to consolidate efforts in order to promote legal and regulatory reforms based on the best expertise and practices, with the emphasis on the Hungarian experience.

This visit was made possible by the contribution of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH), Nonprofit Information and Training Centre (NIOK) Foundation, Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Ökotárs), Nesst , Hungarian Liberties Union (TASZ) and with the efforts and support of ECNL, for which Sorina and Ilie expressed deep gratitude.