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Supporting DG DEVCO and EU Delegations in promoting CSO enabling environment

We work closely with DG DEVCO to promote involvement of CSOs in development cooperation and assist with building up capacity of local EU Delegations to involve CSOs in their programming and work in the EU Neighborhood. From the very beginning of this involvement ECNL has supported DG DEVCO in addressing the issue of enabling environment and cooperation with CSOs.

In 2012 ECNL developed and submitted comprehensive input to EC Consultation on The Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development: Europe’s Engagement with Civil Society in External Relations by developing its own submission as well as allying with CONCORD submission. In its own submission ECNL put forward concrete recommendations on enabling environment for CSOs in repressive regimes, in fragile /conflict situation and other countries, suggested a three-level framework approach for assessment of the legal environment and put forward its expertise from working in the countries of the EU Neighborhood. As a result, ECNL’s methodology was among few quoted in the summary report of the consultation. Following the submission, DG Devco reached out ECNL to solicit input on internal guidelines on enabling environment, it recently contracted ECNL to develop 6 case studies which discuss how the EU and other funders have supported the development of the enabling environment on national level and deliver capacity building sessions for EU Delegations staff on the topic of enabling legal environment and specific entry points and actions that EU Delegations can undertake to support national reforms. The case studies are available here and here.