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Eastern partnership

In the Eastern Partnership region ECNL connects partners across borders; promotes European good standards in regulation of freedom of association and peaceful assembly; shares comparative expertise from accession countries and new member states; hosts regional events on the topics of common interest, such as CSOs’ financial sustainability, CSO-Government relationships, public participation, social contracting and other topics.

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Regional Project: “Strengthening the Legal Framework for Citizen Action through Freedom of Association” (EIDHR 2007-2009)

The two year long regional project supported by the European Commission on “Strengthening the Legal Framework for Citizen Action through Freedom of Association” focused on improving the legislative and policy framework for freedom of association and civil society in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova. In each country, the project aimed at addressing the current needs identified by ECNL and its partners through a series of meetings, exchanges and an intensive process of developing policy papers and country strategies.

As a result of these activities the local stakeholders have been able to initiate, lead and participate in local reform processes and advocacy activities – with better understanding of the local context, the international norms and best practices that regulate the field.

“Your recent regional project on ‘Strengthening the Legal Framework for Citizen Action Through Freedom of Association’ […] is considered by all stakeholders and us here in Brussels as a real success at both regional and in-country levels. This project could constitute a model which could inspire many participants and help them to better reflect on how to implement a project at regional level in a positive and result-oriented manner.”

Jean-Charles de Cordes, EuropeAid Co-operation Office

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