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About ECNL Stichting

In 2018 ECNL decided to move its headquarters from Budapest, Hungary to the Netherlands in order to more effectively implement the mission and strategy of the organisation. In order to legally execute the transfer of headquarters, ECNL Budapest set up a new organization and became the founder of the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL) Stichtingwith Date of Deed of Incorporation on November 28, 2018 

ECNL’s Stichting is located in the Hague, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM and is registered to the Chamber of Commerce (KvKwith registration number: 73239518 and RSIN: 859416148. 

The objectives of ECNL Stichting fall in line with the mission and objectives of ECNL in Budapest 

Specifically, they are: to protect human rights, including the freedoms of association, assembly, expression and privacy; to support the development of civil society and public participation at the local, national, and international levels; to promote the democratic legal order; to support the development of appropriate policies and laws affecting civil society, philanthropy, impact investing, social enterprise, international development cooperation, and the impact of new technologies on human rights and civil society; to provide support to other organisations and to undertake research and educational initiatives to advance the foregoing objects. 


ECNL Stichting carries forward all projects and commitments of ECNL Budapest and accepts full management of transferred grants.  On both of its governing bodies (i.e. Supervisory Board and Board) ECNL Stichting has members, who are either current or previous members of ECNL Budapest Supervisory Board, which also strengthens the continuation between the two organisations.  

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