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ECNL Stichting Board

Ms. Nina Kesar (The Netherlands) – Chairperson: Ms. Kesar is the deputy director of Speakers Academy®, Europe’s leading knowledge institute for professional speakers. Ms. Kesar has a law degree in business and corporate law from the Erasmus School of Law and a law degree in constitutional and administrative Law from Leiden Law School. Her current interests include freedom of speech, criminalisation of speech and privacy. She is also a board member of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe (Liberties), the NJCM (Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights) and chair of the NJCM working group European Law. The NJCM is the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

Mr. John Clark (United Kingdom) – Treasurer: Mr. Clark is a Development Consultant and has worked with development NGOs, the World Bank, United Nations, universities, and as advisor to governments on development and civil society issues. His career has focused on poverty reduction, participation, civil society, globalization and bridging the gap between grassroots organizations and official agencies. He also worked in the United Nations Secretary-General’s office (as project director for the high-level panel on UN-civil society relations), was Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, and served on a task force advising the British Prime Minister about Africa. He also wrote Worlds Apart: Civil Society and the Battle for Ethical Globalization, published by Kumarian in USA and Earthscan in UK in 2003. Mr Clark is long term partner of ECNL and is member of ECNL Budapest board.

Mr. Miklós Marschall (Hungary) – Secretary: Mr. Marschall served as deputy managing director of Transparency International (TI), a global NGO fighting against corruption headquartered in Berlin, Germany. He was responsible for TI´s operation in Europe and Central Asia. Prior to working for TI, Mr. Marschall served as the first and founding Executive Director of CIVICUS. In the early 1990s, he was deputy mayor of Budapest. As a member of the first freely elected leadership of Budapest, he was in charge of arts, education, culture and tourism. Mr. Marschall was an early advocate of civil society development in East- and Central- Europe. Throughout his career, he served on many international and Hungarian boards including ICNL, ECNL, GuideStar Europe, Accountable Now, but also in the Board of the internationally acclaimed Budapest Festival Orchestra. He was also a member of the first board of ECNL in Budapest and supported the set-up of the organisation in 2003.