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Fundraising Principles

Amid the ongoing worldwide pandemic of  COVID-19, the need for philanthropic support and solidarity is bigger than ever. As the philanthropic sector and the use of digital technologies have grown, so have opportunities for civil society organizations (CSOs) to adopt new fundraising practices. We are also witnessing the private sector playing an increasing role in fundraising and acting as the intermediary service provider between donors and charities. The societal environment for fundraising is also rapidly changing. CSOs need to adapt their strategies to match the unique needs of the millennial generation. Questions about how to appropriately regulate these new practices are also increasingly pertinent.

ECNL initiated formulating the Fundraising Principles to provide a global overview of current trends in fundraising regulation and self-regulation. They offer principles and recommendations addressing 7 key areas based on international and regional standards and country practices. They aim to support advocacy efforts to create an enabling environment for fundraising around the globe.

Among others, the Fundraising Principles can be used to:

  • Assess existing or proposed legislation or regulation impacting fundraising;
  • Facilitate discussions about how existing laws, regulations, and practices could be
    improved in the light of the standards and good practices;
  • Support advocacy efforts to create an enabling environment for private giving within and
    across countries.

The Fundraising Principles were developed by the ECNL and ICNL with the support of a group of key experts on fundraising.

For more info, download the Briefer (in pdf) here.

You can read the report here.