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Assembly Repository

“People perceive a failure of governance and democracy, and protest is often their last resort in making themselves heard. Increasingly, governments are responding to this type of dissent with more repression, distorting the concept of democracy beyond recognition.”
(UNSR Alfred de Zayas and Maina Kiai, 2015)

ECNL in collaboration with Prof. Michael Hamilton of the University of East Anglia under the “Greater protection and standards setting: United Nations” project supported by ICNL, created an online repository of  UN and regional materials relating to the right of peaceful assembly. The collection includes views, concluding observations, and lists of issues from the UN Human Rights Committee and other UN treaty bodies, along with regional standards, recommendations and jurisprudence. It aims to support effort to develop international standards regarding this fundamental freedom and support organisations to advocate for better legal environment.

Click to access the repository here.