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What We Do

ECNL is a leading European resource and research center in the field of policies and laws affecting civil society. ECNL ‘s experts have provided support that has directly and positively influenced more than 60 policies and laws affecting CSOs in Europe and Eurasia.

Shaping policies affecting civil society

Our expertise covers policies and laws that affect freedom of association and assembly, mechanisms that promote dialogue, cross- sector collaboration and emerging issues which affect CSOs, such as counter-terrorism policies or fundraising laws.

Advocating for enabling environment for civil society

We advocate for shaping of norms in line with universal guarantees for freedom of association and assembly. We cooperate with CSO networks on European and global level, with officials from the EU, UN and other stakeholders in order to contribute to the setting of policies that affect CSOs.

Empowering local stakeholders

We empower local stakeholders to engage in policy dialogue through a variety of means (participatory law reform and inter-sectoral partnerships). We support organizational development, accountability and transparency of CSOs to ensure they can carry out their missions most effectively.

Monitoring implementation

We collaborate with local partners to increase understanding of the adopted policies and laws. By developing tools and mechanisms for monitoring the implementation we ensure the effective and progressive implementation.

Creating knowledge base

Through research and analysis we aim to develop a comprehensive knowledge, identify trends and developments affecting civil society in Europe and beyond. Our  comparative assistance is invaluable to the reform efforts of local partners.