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Creating knowledge base

Through research and analysis, ECNL aims to develop comprehensive knowledge-base relating to CSO law and policy. ECNL research seeks to identify trends and developments affecting civil society within Europe, in the European Neighbourhood and globally. Comparative assistance have proved invaluable to the reform efforts of local partners. ECNL often conducts assessments of existing frameworks and practices and monitors implementation of adopted laws. ECNL research materials are available under the Resources / Publications menu and at ICNL’s online library and is translated into different languages.

Fundraising research

Fundraising is gaining increased importance in the course of the systematic efforts .Nonetheless, to date there has been limited research on the regulatory framework of fundraising activities in European countries. Therefore ECNL launched a comparative research to enrich the existing discourse and map out the wide spectrum of legal issues that affect fundraising, such as: definition of fundraising; international and European legal framework pertinent to fundraising; tradition of fundraising regulations; elements of statutory regulation, including the eligibility criteria, conditions, monitoring and supervision of fundraising activities by state authorities; state incentives for fundraising; cross-border donations; other related laws and self-regulatory initiatives. The research encompasses several countries in Europe, including Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.