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Central Asia

European best practices are increasingly sought across regions, including countries of Central Asia. In the past few years ECNL provided technical assistance, participated on conferences and organized study tour for the representatives of the Region.

Specifically, ECNL experts shared comparative expertise to support the process of drafting the Law on public benefit organizations in Kyrgyzstan. ECNL hosted a study visit on the mechanisms for the promotion of social partnership between the state and CSOs for Uzbekistan officials and civil society representatives. The study visit was solicited by UNOPS Uzbekistan and  according to their feedback, it was one of the best study tours they have ever been involved. The participants were familiarized with the legal and fiscal environment of the civil society sector in Hungary and met the representatives of cross-sectoral consultative bodies (so-called public councils) in the field of disability,  environment protection and others.

In Mongolia, since 2011 ECNL is supporting the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education Development in the comprehensive package of reforms on three key legal issues affecting the civil society sector, including the legislation on NGOs, public benefit activities and contracting out government tasks to non-state actors. ECNL staff carried out field trips to provide in person expertise to local stakeholders in the drafting process. In addition, ECNL provided a comparative research on Inclusion of Civil Society Organizations in Contracting of Government Tasks and provided in person assistance to relevant pubic authorities and civil society on steps they can undertake to facilitate civil society engagement in these processes.