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Bosnia & Hercegovina

Creating partnerships between civil society and government 

Between 2004-2007 ECNL contributed with technical assistance and comparative expertise in drafting the national Compact, drafting the regulation for the establishment of the entity level Unit for Collaboration with. In the second phase of the project ECNL carried on with its objectives of strengthening the relationship between the non-profit sector and government. We provided technical assistance to municipalities in drafting and implementation of over 30 compacts at local level and supported capacity-building for government officials and CSOs to effectively implement such compacts.

Improving the framework for volunteering

Furthermore, ECNL contributed to the development of a favourable environment for volunteering in Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by supporting the process of promotion and implementation of new legislation and policies pertinent to volunteering. We worked closely to the Youth Communication Center (YCC) on an initiative which resulted in the adoption of a progressive Law on Volunteering, adopted in 2013 and a Strategy for the Promotion and Development of Volunteering, adopted in 2014. In addition, ECNL supported activities that would raise awareness and increase capacity of representatives of CSOs, national and local governments on the new regulatory framework. It also supported the development of the legal section of the national web platform on volunteering ( and further analytical research to identify gaps that need reform.