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Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans, Executive Director
Katerina is the Executive Director of ECNL and is one of its lead experts, a consultant and researcher on policy and law reform for the development of civil society. She is also a member of the Council of Europe’ Expert Council on NGO Law and representing ECNL at global working groups on counter-terrorism legislation and public participation. For over 13 years she has been supporting governments and civil society from Europe, Commonwealth of Independent states, Middle East, and beyond in creating favorable enabling legal environment for civil society, and designing mechanisms to strengthen the relations between the public sector and civil society.

Judit Varga, Director of Operation and Finance
Judit joined the staff in 2000. She is responsible for managing all aspects of the organization’s finance department, including monitoring and reviewing a range of internal financial processes, such as payables, receivables, payroll and budget reconciliation, as well as project accounting, financial and budget reporting.  She also assists the executive director in budgetary tracking, income projections and provides crucial administrative, financial, and project management support to the various programs of ECNL. Her background in business administration includes financial, administrative, and management reporting systems. She received her MSc. at City University in London, UK with a degree in Business Administration.

Vanja Škorić, Senior Legal Advisor
Vanja is working as a consultant in a Senior Legal Advisor position at ECNL. She is our former fellow, a long-term partner who supported ECNL as an occasional consultant. She is a civil society activist and was a Legal Advisor at Croatian organization GONG from 2001 – 2015 and a member of the Croatian Council on Open Government Partnership Initiative. She has experience in advocacy campaigns, fundraising, planning and implementing projects and has been developing comparative analysis in the areas of legal and institutional framework for CSOs.  Vanja holds a LLM degree in Public International Law from University of Amsterdam and a Law Degree from University of Zagreb. She currently participates in development of policies affecting sustainability of CSOs and public participation.

Eszter Hartay, Legal Advisor
Eszter is a Hungarian lawyer working as a Legal Advisor of ECNL. She is specializing in issues related to CSO legal framework, public benefit status, social enterprises and all aspects of the cooperation between the state and CSOs. She has participated in several research assignments and conducting capacity building workins on topics such as public funding, public benefit status, social economy and transparency and accountability. More recently, Eszter has been actively involved in the ongoing legislative initiatives affecting CSOs in Europe and the Middle East region.

Hanna Asipovich, Policy Officer
Hanna is a Policy Officer at ECNL. She works on ECNL’s country and regional programs in the Eastern Partnership region with 7 years of experience of working in the countries of South Caucasus and Moldova. She has undertaken and coordinated several EU level advocacy efforts on civil society related policies by developing input to EU consultations; being a member of the development aid CSO network Concord and supporting a network of Central and Eastern European watchdogs in identifying sources of sustainability. At ECNL she works on program development, is in charge of social media communications and serves as an in-house expert on freedom of peaceful assembly.

Andrea Judit Tóth, Program Manager
Andrea serves as Program Manager at ECNL. In this capacity she provides program support and administrative assistance for ECNL’s staff of lawyers in their work on CSO legal and policy reforms. Through her involvement in the coordination of several comparative research projects on the European level, she has gained specific skills in multi-country project management and general understanding of issues related to CSO-government cooperation mechanisms, accountability and transparency, participation of CSOs in policy and decision making on the local and national level, public benefit status, percentage mechanisms and self-regulation.

Réka Dancsecs, Office Manager
Réka works as Office Manager at ECNL. As a part of ECNL’s Communications and Operations team she supports the planning and implementation of skillshare events and organized and co-ordinated several international trainings, study sessions and visits as well as NGO fairs. As an active member of a Hungarian volunteer organisation she has on-the-ground experience of the Hungarian civil society sector, NGO organisational management and fundraising. She has coordinated the development of more websites – both in design and content. She develops flyers, informational and promotional materials and gained experience in management of corporate Facebook pages and websites. She speaks English, German and Hungarian.

Mr. Luben Panov, Program Consultant
Luben is Program Consultant with ECNL serving as a legal expert providing technical assistance and expert support to local partners since 2007. He is currently conducting comparative researches and co-managing country projects. He has worked in a number of countries, especially in the CEE region and the former Soviet Union. He has participated in the drafting of rules for distribution of state grants in Albania, has analyzed the legal framework for NGOs in Armenia and the mechanisms for social contracting in Kazakhstan and is involved in projects in Cyprus, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Moldova, among others. Luben is also the Program Director of the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL).

Ivana Rosenzweigová, Legal Associate
Ivana works as a consultant in Legal Associate position at ECNL. She has been with ECNL since November 2013 as a full time fellow. She has been responsible for working closely with the Legal Advisor and Executive Director on legal research and development of comparative studies. Within the six months period she has increased her knowledge of the civil society sector and the issues affecting this area. She contributed in development of several projects regarding social contracting, freedom of assembly, fundraising activities and volunteering legislation. During her legal studies in Palacky University in Czech Republic she participated in the students’ club called Human Rights Laboratory. For many years she was involved as a volunteer in the activities of the center for people with mental disabilities.