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Supervisory Board Members

Mr. Israel Butler, Director of Advocacy at the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, Belgium
Mr. Butler has been working as a consultant on EU affairs and human rights law and policy, providing research and advocacy services to the governmental and not-for-profit sectors. Previously he was senior policy analyst on fundamental rights, justice and home affairs at the Open Society European Policy Institute in Brussels. Prior to this, he worked for three years at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna as a legal researcher and speechwriter. He began his career in academia, as a tutor in International Law and Human Rights Law at Nottingham University and later as a Lecturer at Lancaster University, covering EU Law and Human Rights Law. Mr. Butler holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge and a masters and PhD from the University of Nottingham.

Mr. John Clark, Development Consultant, UK
Mr. Clark is a Development Consultant and has worked with development NGOs, the World Bank, United Nations, universities, and as advisor to governments on development and civil society issues. His career has focused on poverty reduction, participation, civil society, globalization and bridging the gap between grassroots organizations and official agencies. He also worked in the United Nations Secretary-General’s office (as project director for the high-level panel on UN-civil society relations), was Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, and served on a task force advising the British Prime Minister about Africa. He also wrote Worlds Apart: Civil Society and the Battle for Ethical Globalization, published by Kumarian in USA and Earthscan in UK in 2003.

Ms. Christine Meissler, Advisor for the Protection of Civil Society, Brot für die Welt, Germany
Prior to working for Brot für die Welt, Ms. Meissler was employed as Senior Advisor for InWEnt/GIZ in the field of Peace Development and as Protection Delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Manila and Addis Ababa.  She working with development organisations in Germany and the EU level on shrinking space issues and activities around influencing policy of German government and EU institutions on the topic.

Mr. Boris Strečanský, Development Consultant, Slovakia
Mr. Strečanský is a development consultant and peer-learning expert of the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI). He has experience in project management, organizational and evaluation consulting and social research. His interests include third sector, philanthropy and foundations, focusing on the post-communist world. He co-founded the Center for Philanthropy in Bratislava, a not-for-profit philanthropy infrastructure organization He is a member of the editorial advisory board of Alliance magazine and international research networks on the third sector and philanthropy research (ERNOP, ISTR).

Ms. Éva Varga, Consultant, Hungary
Ms. Varga is an independent consultant with expertise in social enterprise development and social investment. She is working on the City Bridge Trust social investment readiness fund, various projects of EVPA, the OECD and the European Commission, and social innovation and social enterprise development programmes in Central Europe. Eva worked at NESsT for over 10 years leading the development and implementation of new strategies for a portfolio of social enterprises, capacity building, financing instruments and social impact management tools in Central Europe and Latin America. Eva was a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES) for three years.