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Assembly Portal

“People perceive a failure of governance and democracy, and protest is often their last resort in making themselves heard. Increasingly, governments are responding to this type of dissent with more repression, distorting the concept of democracy beyond recognition.”
(UNSR Alfred de Zayas and Maina Kiai, 2015)

ECNL’s staff contributes to the development to an online thematic platform promoting the fundamental right to freedom of peaceful assembly under the overall ICNL Civic Freedoms Resources subpage, which provides resources on 12 current issues affecting the legal framework for civil society law.

The Assembly Portal is aimed to be a one stop reference for those interested in the legal and policy protections around civic space and freedom of assembly, and responds to increased demand by our partners for such consolidated information. It is also a platform for sharing practical issues arising from implementation of this right in practice in a wide range of regions. The thematic site follows trends and provides in-depth review of critical issues in practice, such as permission procedures, requirements to organizers and participants, management of assemblies by law enforcement, or monitoring implementation in practice. Ultimately, the Assembly Portal ensures access to a broad range of existing practices in freedom of assembly regulation and implementation, which CSOs and policy makers can adopt in their advocacy activities and work in this field.

The portal contains two subpages: one on Assembly Standards and one on Assembly in Practice. The Assembly Standards is a comprehensive collection of resources that cover international standards, guidelines for regulators and implementers and United Nations resolutions. The Assembly in Practice page collects thematic articles and reports, as well legal snapshot country reports on implementation of the right in practice, which were produced by ICNL, international organizations and CSO experts .

Click to access the Assembly Portal here.